• Walex Biz Nig

    Walex Biz Nigeria Limited is a full-spectrum software solutions company based in Abuja, Nigeria. We deliver solutions as a software development company to both small and large organizations. Visit

  • Walex Biz Host

    Walex Biz Host is a fully fledged web domain and hosting company. We sell different levels of domain name and different variations of world class hosting services to our clients. Visit

  • Pub X

    Need a place to just drink and have fun? Pub Walex Biz is the place to be. Its a place to drink with your loved ones, dance and chill. We are open till late at night. Visit

  • Walex Biz Mall

    Walex Biz Mall is a one stop supermarket for all and what ever you need. We sell goods of different types and different brands for wholesellers and retailers at a very affordable price. Visit

  • Walex Biz Foods

    Walex Biz Foods is a one stop eatery for your favorite delicacies. From national to international cuisines, we offer you with a wide range of snacks, appetizers and diners that you're sure to come back. Visit

  • Walex Biz Event

    Need a place to host a wedding party or any memorable event? Walex Biz Events is the place to be. We have high capacity and well furnished spaces that can carter for your need. We are open till late at night. Visit

Hello from our CEO

CEO Walex Biz Group
Since our establishment in 2018, we have become one of the fastest growing IT companies in Nigeria. Driven by enthusiasm, and hard work, we Help clients build stronger, more flexible, and innovative businesses. We are no longer obsessed with past accomplishments but look forward to the great opportunities that will emerge as we continue to transform into digital businesses.

Walex Biz enables global companies to optimize operations, manage costs, and invest in innovation, there by bringing out new potentials throughout the organization. Our uniqueness lies in our ability to conceive, build, and implement new annex bonded features that enable our customers to transform their businesses to the new Level of a world class operation based organization.

We bring technology to the markets with the most complete value proposition in the industry, also, we have simplified complicity of the IT industry, not only solving our customers IT related problems, but also solving their business challenges.
We aspire to be the preferred partner of our customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders. Our call values are integrity, customer service, accountability, teamwork and innovation.

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