Leadership Team

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Ehinmisan Olawale


SVP Finance

Group Vice President

SVP Operation

Patience Agu


Patience Adaeze Agu serves as our AGM & Human Resources Manager, bringing a wealth of experience and a strong record in managing employees, talent acquisition, and policy development.

She is dedicated to enhancing organizational success through innovative HR strategies and management techniques, and her career with Walexbiz Group has been marked by continued success.

Patience holds a Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences and has also obtained certifications in various fields, including Human Resource Management, Leadership, Coaching, Employee Development, Project Management, and Product Management, among others.


Franca Rémy

Executive Assistant - CEO

Miss Franca is the Executive assistant to the CEO of Walex Biz Group with a strong track record in managing administrative tasks, coordinating schedules.

Franca plays a vital role in ensuring the CEOs success and the smooth operation of the company.

Miss Franca holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and has obtained further certifications in this field of study.

Mr. Yusuf Lawal Olasunkanmi is the Chief Financial Officer of Walex Biz Group. He is entrusted with the responsibility of making critical financial decisions by collecting, tracking and correcting and simplifying the most complex tasks of the company’s finances as well as ensuring compliance with financial reporting and other standard accounting procedures.

Yusuf Lawal Olasunkanmi is a HND holder in Banking and Finance, B.Sc. holder in Accounting, an International Peace and Security Ambassador of Kingsland Humanitarian Foundation. He has attended a number of high-profile leadership development programs including Anti Money Laundering Programme, Project Management, Health and Safety, International Marketing, International Law and Diplomacy, International Human Resource Management.

Yusuf is a dedicated, detail-oriented and dependable individual with over 8 years of experience in Customer relationship management, Marketing and Sales, Administration and financial management. He is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the work place. He develops internal wellness campaigns to assist employees/colleagues with effective mental health techniques. He loves football, badminton and data engineering.